Cash flow can be a challenge for even the most successful business. If waiting to get paid is holding back your growth, then Mission Valley Bank’s BusinessManager AR Financing solution can help.

Account Receivable (AR) Finance addresses your company’s needs by providing cash for new invoices. Many qualified borrowers are choosing AR Financing over more traditional forms of credit available to them because of the flexibility and unique benefits AR financing provides.

Let the experts at Mission Valley Bank's Sun Valley, or Santa Clarita branches show you how Accounts Receivable Financing can help your business bridge the gap between payables due to suppliers today and receivables that your customers may not remit for 30 days or more. Working through Mission Valley Bank, you can obtain cash for your accounts receivables deposited directly into your MVB account by selling them to the bank at a discount.

BusinessManager is most beneficial for businesses that are:

  • Experiencing fast growth
  • Missing prompt-pay discounts
  • Missing volume discounts
  • Expanding into another market or line
  • Wanting to make more money
  • Looking to become debt-free, cash-funded
  • Young businesses with a performing SBA working capital line

Business Manager can help your business:

  • Increase your sales.
  • Redirect staff time.
  • Save the time and money typically spent on receivables management.


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