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Estimate What Your Monthly Payments Will be for a Personal Loan

Free Personal Loan Payments Calculator

At one time or another in our lives, most of us could use a little extra cash. Whether it's for college, a new car, a boat, or a home, our free online "Loan Payment Calculator" is a quick and easy way to estimate what your monthly payments would be for a personal loan.

Just enter your information in the boxes below. Please do not include commas or dollar signs. When you click "Calculate," the amount you need to pay each month will appear below.

Calculators are provided for consumer use. Accuracy is dependent on user input. Mission Valley Bank is not responsible for user results nor does the bank guarantee accuracy.

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Personal Loan Payment Calculator Help

Purchase Price

What is the total amount of the purchase you will be making?  
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Down Payment

What is the amount of the down payment you will make? 
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Loan Amount

What is the purchase price minus the down payment? This field is calculated automatically when you fill in a purchase price and a down payment. 

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Interest Rate

What is the interest rate the bank will charge you for your loan? You do not have to include the % sign.

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Number of Months

What is the number of months your loan will be for? 

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