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  • IRS, States and Tax Industry Renew Alert about Form W-2 Scam Targeting Payroll, Human Resource Departments

    IRS -2017-10

    Internal Revenue Service sign with a traffic signal in the foreground indicating a red light.

    WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies and the tax industry today renewed their warning about an email scam that uses a corporate officer’s name to request employee Forms W-2 from company payroll or human resources departments.

  • It's All ABOUT the CASH


    The phrase “Cash is King” rules in today’s business environment as much as ever. Access to cash for capital expansion, equipment purchases or necessary day-to-day operations is one of those ever-present challenges most businesses face on a regular basis.

    Traditional commercial financing is readily available to qualified businesses from a vast array of lenders. The challenge for any borrower is determining which loan and which lender best suits their unique needs. For large capital expenditures such as financing (or refinancing) the purchase of a building or the modernization of facilities, a traditional commercial real estate or term loan may be the best solution. If seasonal or temporary fluctuations in cash flow are impeding business operations, the solution may be as simple as a line of credit. A line of credit provides quick and easy access to necessary cash when needed with the flexibility of quick repayment to help control interest expense.

  • Safeguarding Your Business: Cyber Security

    Small businesses are frequent targets of criminal attacks and hostile threats to systems, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Owners face serious challenges in protecting their business information, as well as safeguarding their clients and employees privacy. As small businesses become increasingly dependent on online tools for day-to-day operations, protecting confidential information in cyberspace is crucial.

    Cybercriminals target small businesses with sophisticated attacks. Criminals use spoofed emails, malicious software and online social networks to obtain login credentials to businesses’ accounts, transfer funds from the accounts and steal private information.

  • More Tips on Protecting Your Mobile Devices


    From the FDIC Consumer News -- Everywhere you look, people are using smartphones and tablets as portable, hand-held computers. "Unfortunately, cybercriminals are also interested in using or accessing these devices to steal information or commit other crimes," said Michael Benardo, manager of the FDIC's Cyber Fraud and Financial Crimes Section. "That makes it essential for users of mobile devices to take measures to secure them, just as they would a desktop computer."

    Here are some basic steps you can take to secure your mobile devices. 

  • Credit Card Technology is Changing. Are You Ready?

    By Cameron Brown / VP Merchant Services Mission Valley Bank

    Is your business' merchant processing system EMV (Europay, MasterCard, VISA) ready? To begin, it's important to understand the specifics of this Euro-based bankcard technology that has been in place in Europe for well over a decade. Unlike current credit and debit cards in the United States that utilize a standard magnetic strip on the back of the card to house all customer information, EMV utilizes a small chip inlay on the front of the card. Such technology drastically reduces bankcard fraud, chargebacks, and questionable purchases as the "smart chip" technology relies on integrated circuits within the chip to transmit and store consumers’ valuable personal information.

  • The Nest Egg is Almost Ready to Hatch — Now What?


    Even if you've been saving your money since you started to work, that may not be enough to ensure an enjoyable and satisfying retirement. Of course having enough money put away is the number one factor as to whether or not you'll maintain your desired lifestyle once you stop working. But don't overlook the small day-to-day stuff. Do you have a plan for things to do in retirement? How will you spend your time as a retiree? Do you already know what you will do with all that free time?

    You probably started thinking about your retirement savings a long time ago. Perhaps you should start thinking about how you plan on spending your time too. This is a very important aspect of your retirement planning. You won't enjoy your free time if you haven't given it any thought before you quit full time employment. Think about it now so you can begin dreaming real dreams, as well as planning for any related expenses.

  • A Reminder: Frauds Target Small Businesses -- Don't Be a Victim

    While large firms may have sophisticated technology and staff dedicated to thwarting crime, many small businesses don't — and scammers know this. Here are ways to protect yourself:

    Be on guard against inside jobs. This includes employee theft or misuse of cash, merchandise or equipment as well as fraud. "Minimize risks through steps such as pre-employment background checks, automated inventory tracking systems, audits, and clearly outlined policies for personal use of computers and other business equipment," said Luke W. Reynolds, Chief of the FDIC's Outreach and Program Development Section. "Also, carefully select who handles revenue from customers, pays the bills and reviews account statements. And, ensure that there are procedures in place to detect and deter fraud."

  • New Scam – Done ‘Old School’



    In a recent twist, scam artists are using the phone to try to break into your computer. They call, claiming to be computer techs associated with well-known companies like Microsoft. They say that they’ve detected viruses or other malware on your computer to trick you into giving them remote access or paying for software you don’t need.

    These scammers take advantage of your reasonable concerns about viruses and other threats. They know that computer users have heard time and again that it’s important to install security software. But the purpose behind their elaborate scheme isn’t to protect your computer; it’s to make money.